Chenot Palace

Located in Nohurgishlag by the Nohur Lake, Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel is surrounded by tranquility of pinewoods, overlooking the peaceful Nohur Lake. Set in Caucasian forests, Chenot Palace offers unique programs tailored for specific needs of the body's well being. These combined treatment and diet plans aim to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, deeper purification of the tissues, re-balance the physiological equilibrium, boost metabolism and restore body's vitality and energy levels with guidance of medical experts. The New Chenot Advanced Medical Diagnostics consists of state-of-art check-up technology that assess the current status of well-being in a holistic and systematic method, to measure specific needs of each guests. The hotel is ideal to gather strength and boost energy. At Chenot Palace a vast 26-hectare park provides a beautiful landscape that indulges in scenery of ponds, lakes and cascades of waterfalls. Gabala International Airport is 35 from Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel.